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You CAN Lose Belly Fat (and weight all over) FOR GOOD!

Get $283 Off

MY Fresh Start Bundle—valued at $380—is on sale for only $97 TODAY!
You are not alone. Belly fat is a REAL thing. It can raise your heart disease and type-2 diabetes risk and cause early death. And the truth is this…  

The extra pounds most people gain between Halloween and New Years take about 5 months to lose. If you struggle with weight gain today, this could be your story. But here’s the good news…you don’t have to live with your belly in your lap. I am here to help and I’ve developed the perfect system to get you back on track for your healthiest and best body ever.

What You Get: Total Value $380...NOW $97

Fresh Start Clean Eating Cleanse Downloads
(Value $40)
  • 15 Day Guide to Clean Eating (Value $20) 
  • 15 Day Cleanse (Value $20)
7 Whitepaper Downloads (Value $180)  
  • 15 Ways To Lose 15 Pounds Now! (Value $20)  
  • ​Why Krispy Kreme Donuts-Are the Best Part of a Weight Loss Plan (Value $20)  
  • ​How to Eat Carbs and Still Lose Weight (Value $20)  
  • ​Belly-fat Shredder Foods To Flatten Your Belly Finally! (Value $20)  
  • ​Dr. Ro Approved Guilt-free Foods (Value $20)  
  • ​Dr. Ro Approved Fat Fighters (Value $20)   
  • ​Dr. Ro Approved Stress-fighter Foods (Value $20)    
  • Fresh Start 30-Day Meal Plan Download (Value $20)
  • ​You, Healthy and Happy eBook (Value $20)  
Fresh Start Recipe Video Series Downloads
{7 quick-n-easy recipes} (Value $105)   
  • Belly-fat Blaster Shake (Value $15)  
  • ​Sugar-Curb Shake (Value $15)  
  • ​Chili-lime Kale Chips (Value $15)     
  • ​Bell-Ringin’ Spinach Salad (Value $15)   
  • ​Detox Juice (Value $15)  
  • ​No-cook, Hi-energy Protein Bars (Value $15)   
  • ​Mexican Chicken and Lime Soup (Value $15)     

Fresh Start Meal Plan Pack Downloads

  • Fresh Start Quick Start Guide (Value $20) 
  • Fresh Start 30 Day Shopping List (Value $20) 
  • ​Fresh Start 30-Day Meal Plan Download (Value $20)    
  • Lose Your Final 15 mp3 w/Bonus Lose Your Final 15 Anthem (Value $15) 
What would it feel like to have the energy to bounce through your day doing whatever you wanted and needed to do, without feeling drained?  
  • What if you could wear the outfit you loved and fitted into years ago and looked even better in it today than you did before? 
  • Or what would it do for you to go to your class reunion where your classmates don’t recognize you because you’ve lost just enough weight to take years off your face and frame and they’re shocked that you are that same person from high school (or college) that they now envy? 
Imagine having meal plans to follow that you actually look forward to every day, not the same old boredom you’ve become accustomed to. 
For once just imagine having tasty meals you could throw together in 15 minutes, so easy a child could make them. This could be your story, no more boredom, TASTY is the new “healthy” and you don’t have to settle for BORING again.
Even if you lack the self-control it takes for you the change your current circumstances you DESERVE a Fresh Start to get back on track to get the life you crave. Self-control doesn’t have to be hard. It takes a different mindset to get different, LASTING results. The Fresh Start complete bundle of tools to help you lose weight and get back on track to the life you deserve is the answer to the prayers you’ve been whispering to yourself but have yet to act on.  

Whether you crave sweets after every meal or just want something sweet after dinner, there is science to back up the reasons you have this urge. 
Why You Crave Sweets After A Savory Meal  
As a scientist, I can tell you the digestion process requires energy, so calories are needed. But the sugar craving is more psychological than physiological. Sugar releases feel good brain chemicals like serotonin which bring calm, serene, even happy feelings to the brain. But you don’t have to be a slave to your cravings. It is possible to have dessert without blowing your calorie bank.  
But the Fix for sugar cravings and other sabotaging habits lie in learning to manage those parts of your life that stand in the way, like: 
  • TIME
  • SELF-DEFEATING BELIEFS (running in the background of your mind) that keep you helpless, hopeless, and paralyzed to change your life 
Your Beliefs Are Lying To You 
That same belief system has lied to you over and over again. Every time it sucks you down the rabbit whole of disbelief about the real you, the—you that can do anything she or he wants to do just like everyone else who’s ever tried (to do) anything and succeeded.    

Its true- success does come to the prepared. Taking THIS step IS your preparation. It is possible to have more energy. It is possible (despite what you may believe about your ability to succeed) to move your body from one place to another without being winded. It’s also possible to comfortably look down to see your feet let alone touch your toes without excess belly-fat blocking your view.    

KNOW THIS—I developed these simple, meal plans, recipes, and this system of guidance just for you. Why not get a jump on holiday weight gain and the extra weight you’ve carried around for too long and give yourself the Fresh Start you deserve?
Get 75% Off Today! Get your Fresh Start Weight Loss Bundle NOW to get back to the body you’ve longed for, with the plan millions have used to lose weight and still live by today.
I’m Dr. Ro, a nutritionist for over 3 decades. Yep! It’s been that long. 
Dr. Ro, known as “America’s Nutrition Coach” on the Dr. Oz Show, served on the show’s medical advisory board for 7 years. She served as Nutrition Coach on The View helping Sherri Shepherd (to lose weight), on the Meredith Vieira Show, and Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show as well. She regularly contributed to the Today Show, GMA, CBS This Morning and was a regular contributor to National Public Radio (NPR). To date, she has helped over 1.5 Million people lose more than 6 Million Pounds.

She is most widely known as host of Heart and Soul (BET), the first national network health and fitness television show for Black women.

Dr. Ro has been the go-to Nutrition Coach for Fortune 500 companies who established a brand of integrity, honor, genuine care and results for the women and families she serves. 
She has received numerous honors including: recipient of the Ebony Power 100 list Of the Most Influential African Americans (twice), the Most Distinguished Alumnae Award of Howard University (twice), and called one of the Top 5 Nutritionists in the U.S. by More and Consumer Magazines. She is the third African American to be featured on the cover of Woman’s World Magazine for her work helping women to lose weight. 

Dr. Ro is also host of the Dr. Ro On Demand Podcast and coaches executive level women through the maze of weight loss, curbing sugar cravings, overcoming emotional eating, and a myriad of life challenges.
Fresh Start Results!
“Dr. Ro has been my nutrition coach since she helped me lose weight on The View. It was a lot of work, but in the process she helped me to lose 40 pounds. I keep her on speed-dial.“Sherri Shepherd, Actress 
"Dr. Ro has been my Nutrition Coach for years. She helped me to not only lose weight with this plan but she also taught me a lot about how food works with my body. I set out to lose 15 pounds and ended up losing 30. Who knew? It feels good having my best body back—on and off TV.“Jawn Murray, Pop Culture Journalist
Lose Weight NOW! No B.S.   
If you’re fed up with inching waistbands that cause your belly to poke out and cause you to be uncomfortable this is the right package for you. Because you want to make permanent change not just the “Cinderella-esq” change that lasts for a few weeks but then, poof! The extra pounds and inches come creeping back like those awful rising waistbands. When was the last time you saw someone from your past and he or she didn’t recognize you because you looked so good they couldn’t believe that you were the same person they used to know? What would it feel like to have that experience again and keep it? That’s the feeling my clients experienced once they started working with me as their nutrition coach. 
More Results!
“The fact that Dr. Ro’s plan helped me to get rid of my belly fat is a huge relief. I don’t have to worry about heart disease and heart attacks like my family members because I’m now keeping the weight off.”Johnjalene
“As a single mom I have to set an example for my daughter. I had lost a little of myself until I saw my abs again. I thought they were gone forever! Before I dreaded looking at myself in the mirror. Now in my new body, looking in the mirror makes me happy.”Brittany
“I lost 21 pounds the first 15 days! I had that and more weight to lose. I started the plan all over and have since lost another 19 pounds. I love the food I get to eat and it helped with my sugar addiction. This plan is my new way of life.” Angela
You deserve all the results that this 
Fresh Start will give you!
  • More Energy
  • More Confidence
  • A Return to Your Best Body
  • ​Weight Loss
  • Never Go Hungry​
  • ​Loss of Belly-Fat
  • ​Diet You Can Live On
  • More Time For Yourself
  • More Attention To You
  • Strategy to Beat Sugar Cravings
  • ​More Sleep
  • More Comfort In Your Own Skin
  • ​Proof of Your Love Of Self
  • If all the Fresh Start Bundle did was to give you a sense of relief that you’re finally losing weight and feeling better in your body, would it be worth it?
  • If the Fresh Start merely proved to you that you are worth more than you believed, that the effort to get healthy for the high school/college reunion paid off, or that you like what you see when you walk pass a mirror, would that be worth it?  
  • If all the Fresh Start Bundle did was to help you to lose 10% of your body weight, would it be worth it to you?  

Of course you are!

I want to help you to move through this process with ease. If you are bold enough to finally put yourself first by taking this one step to lose weight, to become a healthier, happier, more secure version of yourself, I want you to save $283.    

I am offering people who take this step forward towards a better life and better health for themselves, this Fresh Start Bundle—valued at $380—is on sale for only $97 TODAY!

ACT NOW and take care of you!

Still not convinced? Hear from more people just like you who have 
achieved incredible results!

“I couldn’t walk 5 steps without feeling like I was going to fall out. My doctor had put me on high blood pressure medication and was about to start me on diabetes meds. I was the same weight as my husband, who is a foot taller than me. I knew I had to lose the weight to live for my son, my family, and now I’ve learned through working with Dr. Ro I needed to do it for myself. I’m 60 pounds lighter and couldn’t be happier.”Kisha
“I was never hungry, had plenty of the foods I like. What I like about Dr. Ro’s meal plan was that she really taught me how to eat." Drew
“I lost 32 pounds and went from a tight size 14 to a comfy size 10. Dr. Ro’s plan was simple, nothing complicated. What I liked best was that I thought my metabolism was old and sluggish but now I realize it wasn’t."Sandy
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