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If you want to lose weight, but you’re overwhelmed by the idea of another diet, I have the answer for you!  

Through instructive videos, meal plans, and workouts, I’ll help you lose weight in 15-day phases, while eating 15 servings of food each day, exercising in 15-minute chunks, and spending 15 minutes a day refreshing your soul. Before you know it, you’ll reach your goal—one small, simple step at a time!

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Give me 15 minutes and together, we can change your life.

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Lose 15 Pounds in 15 Days!

In my Final 15 Plan, I show you how to make weight loss simple and doable. This is the same plan I used on Dr. Oz to help Americans lose a total of more than 5 million collective pounds—only better! 

  • Never be hungry
  • Lose weight and inches
  • Lose Belly Fat
  • ​Get More Energy
  • ​Get More Time with 15 minute meals
  • ​Build Muscle with 15 minute workouts
  • Get Calm & Remove the Pressure with 15-minute meditations

Beyond just diet, Lose Your Final 15 includes 15-minute meditation guides and exercise plans that fit into any schedule. With Dr. Ro as your guide, you will experience newfound vibrancy, health, and happiness.

Final 15 Results!  

“Dr. Ro has been my nutrition coach since she helped me lose weight on The View. It was a lot of work, but in the process she helped me to lose 40 pounds. I keep her on speed-dial.“ —Sherri Shepherd, Actress 

"Dr. Ro has been my Nutrition Coach for years. She helped me to not only lose weight with this plan but she also taught me a lot about how food works with my body. I set out to lose 15 pounds and ended up losing 30. Who knew? It feels good having my best body back--- on and 
off TV.“ —Jawn Murray, Pop Culture Journalist

“I lost 21 pounds the first 15 days! I had that and more weight to lose. I started the plan all over and have since lost another 19 pounds. I love the food I get to eat and it helped with my sugar addiction.This plan is my new way of life.” —Angela

“The fact that Dr. Ro’s plan helped me to get rid of my belly fat is a huge relief. I don’t have to worry about heart disease and heart attacks like my family members because I’m now keeping the weight off.” —Johnjalene

“As a single mom I have to set an example for my daughter. I had lost a little of myself until I saw my abs again. I thought they were gone forever! Before I dreaded looking at myself in the mirror. Now in my new body, looking in the mirror makes me happy.” —Brittany

“I lost 32 pounds and went from a tight size 14 to a comfy size 10. Dr. Ro’s plan was simple, nothing complicated. What I liked best was that I thought my metabolism was old and sluggish but now I realize it wasn’t." —Sandy

“I couldn’t walk 5 steps without feeling like I was going to fall out. My doctor had put me on high blood pressure medication and was about to start me on diabetes meds. I was the same weight as my husband, who is a foot taller than me. I knew I had to lose the weight to live for my son, my family, and now I’ve learned through working with Dr. Ro I needed to do it for myself. I’m 60 pounds lighter and couldn’t be happier.” —Kisha

“I was never hungry, had plenty of the foods I like. What I like about Dr. Ro’s meal plan was that she really taught me how to eat." —Drew

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